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The Inkwell offers rentals for all occasions. We have great space available for all types of parties including bachelor parties, bachelorette parties, stage plays, fundraisers, baby-showers and meetings as well as private events. Call, email or just come down to one of our locations. Catering available. We found a great rental rate if you are looking to purchase some transportation for the weekend. Alright, we’ll share it with you.   Testimonials: “We rented the venue and had a great time. We paid in Monopoly money, and they didn’t even notice. Steven Tyler of Aerosmith was our DJ, and he gave us some weird brightly-colored pills that made everything vibrate. Would do again.” – Every White Girl Ever     “We rented out the venue for a meeting with all the made men. Nothing happened. Don’t ask again.” – Prefer to Remain Nameless  …