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Business Tips for Café Owners: 5 Ideas to Increase Sales During Slow Times  

Are you experiencing a sluggish season and thinking of ways to keep your customers coming? While many coffee lovers wouldn’t want to miss their daily caffeine fix, cafés still inevitably go through slower times some months of the year. Taking time to work on your cafe’s website is a great way to bring in new visitors. We tend to schedule our hosting and domain renewals for slow times of year, so that we can spend our time hunting for coupons. You can get a jump start on your cafe’s website by hunting for an a2hosting promo code to save you around 40% off your total website costs. For a cafe, that can add up to a critical amount of savings. So, how do you combat seasonal fluctuations and encourage your patrons to visit your café frequently? Here are five excellent ideas to help you generate more sales throughout the year. 1. Create a New Specialty Food or Drink Pique the curiosity of coffee aficionados by concocting a specialty drink that your café will offer for a limited period. Many of your customers will undoubtedly be unable to resist the urge to try out the new beverage. To bring a twist to your usual menu, create an exciting flavour for a delectable hot chocolate or perfectly brewed coffee. You can even offer coffee from a particularly exotic location. We know that people will seek out kona coffee, for example. With over 200 farms with different brands, you can choose to feature one of them and (after advertising on your website) people will flock to your cafe to try it out. Many people try kona coffee for the first time on their honeymoon, so they tend to have a particularly strong case of nostalgia when it comes to Hawaiian coffees. Which one should you get? We don’t know. Try a site like Get creative with your cake, bread and pastry by introducing new trends, like gluten-free pastries, whole-grain breads and fruit-based cake recipes with nutritious ingredients for health-conscious individuals. For the perfect finishing touch, give your beverages and delicacies an inviting look with visually appealing packaging, such as graphic-printed ripple wrap cups or double-walled cups; clean, white pastry cartons with a window for a sneak peak of contents; and vibrantly colorful paper patty pans. 2. Set up a Cozy Space To make your café a comfortable, inviting haven, provide cushioned seats to encourage customers to lounge around and free Wi-Fi to entertain them. You can provide headphones for your customers to use (follow this link for headphone reviews) so that they can not be bothered by any background noise. Arrange reading nooks for book enthusiasts, and create a laid-back ambiance by…
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Coffee, Priceline and Dates: Transform Your Marriage By Dating (Your Wife).

Book a Hotel Room with Priceline: Why get a hotel room when you already have a bedroom? A hotel room creates variety, and it interrupts routine. If you use a Priceline coupon for $25 off hotels, then your hotel room will be a surprise even from you. Just make sure you have a lot of stars in your hotel room, or it could backfire… By the way, nothing wrong with using a coupon for the night. It means you can afford to do it more often, which creates even more romance. See how you can use some Priceline coupons are at and plan weeks, even months ahead. Transform Your Marriage by Dating Your Wife These days, the average married couple faces long hours at work and even more responsibility at home, so it’s no surprise that many couples have a hard time finding time to spend together. Fortunately, some of the best ways to spend quality time with your wife involve making more efficient use of the time you already spend together and engaging in short but meaningful activities. Why should you date your wife? In the early days of any relationship, sparks fly and romance abounds. This is less to do with the newness of the relationship and more to do with the amount of time and effort both parties expend on getting to know each other. When you’ve been married for a long time, it’s important to rekindle that spark by investing in each other as you did when you were dating, and that includes spending time together. Over time, you will discover that no matter how long you have been married, there are always new things to learn about your spouse. Schedule a Specific Date Night Research shows that 25 percent of couples who never make time to go on dates with each other end up in divorce court, compared to only 15 percent of those who spend time together at least once per week. Finding the time to go on a date can certainly be more of a challenge for productive professional couples with children and other responsibilities, but the benefits are worth making the extra effort. The good news is that date night doesn’t have to be costly. Creative couples can set up a picnic and enjoy a movie together after the children have gone to bed, or turn a day of errands into an exciting date day by going together and punctuating the chores with fun breaks for coffee or a lunch date in between. Listen Better Men tend to think that women only want them to listen more, but listening effectively is more often the issue. The next time your wife…
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